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Frankfurt overpower Monchengladbach in Bundesliga******

BERLIN, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- Eintracht Frankfurt rallied back and inflicted Borussia Monchengladbach the fourth straight defeat after Daichi Kamada provided the winner on the road at the 16th round in Bundesliga on Wednesday.。

The hosts caught the best possible start as the "Foals" opened the scoring with their first chance of the game after Joe Scally's lay-up by header allowed Florian Neuhaus to slot home from 14 meters in the 6th minute.。

The early goal calmed the flow of the game as goalscoring opportunities remained a rare occurrence for most of the first half.。

Monchengladbach controlled possession but was only able to create a half-chance through Alassane Plea in the 26th minute.。

Although Frankfurt posed absolutely no threat, the "Eagles" were able to level the scores against the run of the game as Borussia defender Denis Zakaria lost the ball near the penalty area before Jesper Lindstrom squared to Rafael Santos Borre, who made no mistake to tap home from close range in the dying seconds of the first half.。

Frankfurt grabbed a fairy tale start into the second half as Lindstrom had all time and space to turn the tides with 50 minutes gone.。

The lead didn't last long though as Danny da Costa fouled Kouadio Kone inside the box. Ramy Bensebaini kept his cool and converted the subsequent penalty into the bottom right corner to restore parity in the 54th minute.。

Frankfurt remained unimpressed and responded straight away as Kamada danced through Monchengladbach's territory and traded passes with Borre before beating custodian Yann Sommer into the far post corner.。

The visitors gained momentum and had several chances through Lindstrom, who even rattled the woodwork at the hour mark.。

Monchengladbach sparked to life in the 70th minute when Tuta received his marching orders after a second yellow card.。

The "Foals" pressed frenetically for the equalizer, but Frankfurt's defense stood firm to secure all three points.。

"It is an undeserved defeat. I have seen a team that have to lead at least 2-0 in the first half and then we get ourselves into trouble," Borussia head coach Adi Hutter said.。

"We had problems to gain a foothold into the game in the first half. We only got back into the game with the 1-1 equalizer before the break. In the end we defended the win with a big heart," Eintracht head coach Oliver Glasner said.。

With the result, Eintracht climbed to eighth meanwhile Monchengladbach stay in 13th in the Bundesliga table. Enditem。

Omicron main coronavirus strain in the US******


People wait in long lines at Times Square to get tested for COVID-19 on December 20 in New York City.。

The fast-spreading Omicron variant is now the main coronavirus strain in the United States, accounting for 73.2 percent of new cases over the past week for which data is available, health authorities reported Monday.。

The spike, which was tallied by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is based on data for the week ending on Saturday. During the prior week period, Omicron accounted for only 12.6 percent of US cases.。

Omicron already constitutes more than 90 percent of new US cases in the Pacific Northwest and much of the US South and parts of the Midwest, the CDC indicated.。

The news comes ahead of a speech by President Joe Biden on COVID-19 on Tuesday. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has already said he does not plan on "locking the country down" in response to the surge.。

"This is a speech outlining and being direct and clear with the American people about the benefits of being vaccinated, the steps we're going to take to increase access and to increase testing."

Top US pandemic adviser Anthony Fauci warned on Sunday of a bleak winter ahead as the Omicron variant spurs a new wave of infections globally.。

"With Omicron," Fauci told NBC News, "it is going to be a tough few weeks to months as we get deeper into the winter."

Despite indications that Omicron is not more severe than the still-dominant Delta variant, early data suggests it could be more infectious and possibly have higher resistance to vaccines.。

Since it was first reported in South Africa in November, Omicron has been identified in dozens of countries, dashing hopes that the worst of the pandemic is over.。

Across the United States, hospitals are getting busy, testing centers are seeing long lines, and sports and entertainment events are being canceled.。

Getting the virus under control has proven difficult in a country where vaccination and mask-wearing have become divisive political issues, and federal mandates end up in protracted legal battles.。

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冬日暖阳!西安11月6日入冬 全省转晴天气不断线上******






  华商报新闻记者 毛蜜娜 报道员 何柯俊。




  2019年6月21日,华为在武汉光谷国际网球中心发布了全新华为平板M6系列:包括华为平板M6 8.4英寸和华为平板M6 10.8英寸两个版本。这两款不仅延续了华为平板电脑的智慧生活体验,还持续突破创新带来更强劲的硬件性能和卓越的影音效果,并采用业界首创的“平行视界”功能,颠覆了传统平板浏览模式。诸多引领未来的创新技术为用户在影音娱乐、移动办公、轻松带娃等场景下带来崭新体验,引领消费者需求让智能走进生活,成为2019旗舰智慧影音平板的新典范。

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  此次发布的两款新品均搭载旗舰级Kirin 980芯片和革命性GPU Turbo 3.0技术,且配备2K级的2560×1600分辨率屏幕,实现了整体性能和画质的飞跃。此次发布的最大亮点是,两款新品携手哈曼卡顿,以专业调音带来非同凡响的沉浸感,解锁便携影音新生活。其中,M6 10.8英寸版更是采用全新设计的四声道和带来澎湃声量的大振幅四扬声器音响系统,再次将影音体验带到巅峰时代!更值得一提的是,M6 10.8英寸在业内首次采用华为自主设计的应用分屏功能——“平行视界”,极大方便用户横屏使用,将软件生态以及用户体验提升到新的境界。华为平板M6 8.4英寸延续沉浸式影音体验,并拥有83.5%的高屏占比,更好满足游戏用户需求。此外,两款新品还在儿童教育娱乐应用、AI智能和电脑模式上进行了优化升级,多种人性化功能配置,为用户开启崭新的智慧世界。

  畅享天籁 卓越影音巅峰体验

  通过软硬件的颠覆式重构和创新,华为平板M6 10.8英寸采用全新设计的四声道和大振幅扬声器音响系统,并经过哈曼卡顿“金耳朵”音频工程师团队严格的调音和优化,赋予声音自然而细腻的无穷魅力,将掌上影音体验带向更高的巅峰。通过安卓音频系统重构和芯片多声道信号处理,M6可还原高品质影音素材中丰富的立体声信息,为听众带来来自多个不同方向的声音环绕,获得身临各种不同环境的听觉感受。搭载定制大振幅扬声器,让低频更加浑厚,音量更强大,声场更加震撼,每一个音符的演绎都能迸发出能量,让用户随时随地都能实现影院级的观影体验。


  在显示效果方面,华为平板M6系列均支持2560*1600 2K级高清屏幕,配合16:10的长宽比及华为独有的“锐屏”显示增强技术,带给用户更加清晰靓丽、色彩饱满的画面。其中华为平板M6 8.4英寸更是实现了高达83.5%的屏占比,无论是在游戏还是视频中,用户都会感受到非同凡响的沉浸感。

  旗舰硬核 游戏畅玩性能真香

  华为平板M6系列搭载与华为P30同款旗舰级Kirin 980处理器,兼备高性能和长续航。相较于上一代M5系列,整体性能大幅提升,运行3D大型游戏、多任务处理、应用切换更为从容。华为平板M6系列还支持GPU Turbo 3.0技术,能有效提升游戏中的画面帧率,让游戏的流畅性得到大幅提升。同时与更多的知名游戏进行了适配和合作,游戏内容更加丰富,让用户尽情畅玩。

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  智享生活 优化生态引领未来





  华为平板M6系列同样支持智慧生活体验,不仅有智能语音解放双手,还拥有智慧视觉智行天下。在智能语音模式下,说出“小艺,小艺”,就能语音控制播放音乐、定闹钟、查天气等。 华为平板M6 10.8英寸还可搭配智能语音底座,自动进入智能语音模式,直接与平板进行智能对话,最远可支持5米范围内语音交互。除此之外,利用平板的智慧扫描识别功能扫一扫,便可实现对食物、动植物、明星、化妆品的百科解释和购买链接,甚至还能扫一扫实时翻译,让生活更加智慧便捷。

  移动伴侣 随行畅享轻办公

  面对商务人士不可避免的出行办公问题,华为平板M6 10.8英寸从办公配件到软件优化都做了精心的准备。配件方面,配备全新设计的智能磁吸键盘,在旅途中平板可随时变身电脑,让用户能及时处理文档、收发邮件等。此外,还支持M-Pen lite手写笔及无线蓝牙鼠标,帮助商务人士高效完成特定工作,随时记录灵感瞬间, 带来轻松简单的办公体验。

  *10.8英寸华为平板M6 享受便捷移动办公

  软件优化方面,针对华为平板M6 10.8英寸的电脑模式做了多种优化,让整体使用体验更显高效便捷。用户仅需一键,即可将平板的安卓界面切换至类似电脑办公桌面的操作界面,随时随地享受高效移动办公。升级后的电脑模式新增了文件搜索功能,用户通过搜索框就可以快速查找定位所需要的文件;文件管理器也得到了优化,让文件的分类和存放变得更加清晰简单;此外,在Kirin980芯片强大性能的支持下,用户可以同时打开更多的窗口和任务并保证流畅运行,帮助商务人士轻松完成每次挑战。

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  为了更加丰富儿童使用平板电脑的学习和娱乐时光,华为平板M6系列全新设计的儿童乐园,用丰富的卡通形象界面分类,增加学习内容课程,给孩子一片自由的学习游乐天地。值得一提的是,华为平板M6 10.8英寸支持为宝宝设置独立指纹,小手一点即可自动进入宝宝专属儿童乐园,与家长应用有效区隔,省心更放心。

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  *华为平板M6系列 预约/开售信息



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