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HK Spisska Nova Ves end Slovan Bratislava's ten******

BRATISLAVA, Dec. 21 (Xinhua) -- In the 27th round of Slovakia's ice hockey Tipos Extraliga, HC Slovan Bratislava's 10-game winning streak came to an end as league newcomers HK Spisska Nova Ves beat them 4-3 on Monday.。

After weeks of smooth sailing, HC Slovan Bratislava ran ashore, losing to HK Spisska Nova Ves in the final minute as Branislav Rapac secured the victory with only 23 seconds left on the clock.。

His teammate Andreas Strauch laid the foundations for the visitors' win with two goals in the first period. At the other end of the ice, Slovan forward Marcel Hascak had his stick in all three goals, scoring the first one and assisting the other two.。

Elsewhere, bottom side MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas put up a spirited defense before eventually losing 5-3 to reigning champions HKM Zvolen.。

The game was tied in the first period but the home team's Czech forward Petr Obdrzalek failed to capitalize on his penalty shot. Instead, Zvolen struck again in the final period and stretched the lead to 3-1.。

Liptovsky Mikulas tried to rally later on with two goals, effectively tying the game, but Zvolen did not lose focus and took the lead again in the penultimate minute.。

In other matches, HK Dukla Michalovce lost 3-1 to Nitra, HK Poprad beat Nove Zamky 3-0, HC '05 Banska Bystrica defeated HC Kosice 3-2, and HC Grotto Presov won 3-1 against HK Dukla Trencin. Enditem。

India, UK to launch global solar grid project at COP26******

India and the United Kingdom will launch a project that aims to create a solar grid connecting countries in different parts of the world at the United Nations climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland.。

The project, known as the "Green Grids Initiative," is being initiated by the International Solar Alliance, which was launched by India and France at the 2015 Paris climate conference to promote solar energy. The UK and India agreed to join forces in the initiative in May this year.。

Although solar energy is becoming cheaper than dirtier alternatives, countries cannot rely on it at night and must fall back on fossil fuels that produce earth-warming greenhouse gases. This is especially the case in countries like India, where demand for power is soaring.。

The new project is based on the idea that the sun is always shining in some part of the world, and the project aims to create a global grid that will transfer the sun's power from one place to another, said Ajay Mathur, director general of the International Solar Alliance.。

"For example, when it is dark in east Asia, it's still light in India... If there was a cable between India and east Asia, that solar electricity could be provided to east Asia," he noted.。

The idea of a grid spanning regions is not new, but this is the first attempt to create a global network.。

Mathur said estimates showed that in the next three years, solar power will become as cheap as power from fossil fuels, which will make it easier to build new solar power plants and storage facilities. But even then it will require countries with different priorities to reach complex agreements.。

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  荣耀Magic3 Pro后置5000万像素1/1.56英寸大底主摄,6400万黑白摄像头以及1300万超广角微距镜头,6400万3.5倍潜望镜,以及8×8 dToF激光对焦系统。其中,主摄单像素面积为1.0μm,支持将4个像素合成一个2.0μm超大像素,在暗光环境下将拥有更出色的进光量。6400万潜望长焦拥有1/2英寸底,支持3.5倍光变和10倍混合以及100倍数字变焦,支持OIS防抖,这也是目前潜望长焦中分辨率最高的镜头,妥妥主摄级别。

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HONOR Image Engine计算摄影平台

  除了专业级的硬件水准,荣耀Magic3系列还推出了全新自研HONOR Image Engine图像引擎,可异构不同芯片平台,插件化整合芯片能力,通过重构所有影像流程,软硬结合打造拥有品牌特色的影像风格。


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  通过下面这组对比样张可以看到,荣耀Magic3 Pro的主摄高像素样张,在融合黑白镜头的信息后,即便在主摄不好发挥的远处画面,都可以呈现更加丰富、高清的细节。





  荣耀Magic3系列是首款通过IMAX ENHANCED认证的智能手机,也是首次将电影工业的视频处理流程AI化。通过深度定制的10 bit Magic-Log,风格化的3D LUT,以及AI影调推荐,让人人都能拍出电影感大片。

  荣耀工程团队与知名电影摄影师Suki Medencevic、调色师Bryan McMahan联合开发出好莱坞经典、如风往事、欢乐之城、黑白魅影等8款专享“好莱坞风格影调”。并且荣耀Magic3 Pro采用了三枚高性能全向麦克风,支持音视频协同变焦,视频录音效果接近专业麦克风配件。



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Means of production prices fall in China******

BEIJING, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- Most of capital goods monitored by the Chinese government registered lower prices in mid-November compared with early November, official data showed Wednesday.。

Of the 50 major goods monitored by the government, including seamless steel tubes, gasoline, coal, fertilizer and some chemicals, 14 reported rising prices during the period, 35 registered lower prices, while one saw price remain unchanged, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.。

Hog prices gained 5.4 percent in mid-November compared with that in early November.。

The readings, released every 10 days, are based on a survey of nearly 2,000 wholesalers and distributors in 31 provincial-level regions. Enditem。

耶路撒冷老城发生恐怖袭击 至少8人受伤3人伤重



3.北京国际电影节13日开幕 郭富城担任宣传推广大使


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