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Civilian casualties, infrastructure damage continue to increase in Ukraine: UN******

As heavy fighting continues in Ukraine, reports of civilian casualties and civilian infrastructure damage continue to increase, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said Tuesday.

In its latest Humanitarian Impact Situation Report issued Tuesday, OCHA said that as of midnight on February 27, it confirmed at least 406 civil casualties, including 102 deaths, with the real figures feared to be much higher.

Across the country, especially in eastern Ukraine, water infrastructure has suffered severe damage, and repair work has been hindered by ongoing shelling, OCHA said.

As thousands of people continue to flee violence, there is a desperate need for food, water and shelter to deal with the massive influx of internally displaced people, OCHA added in the report.

四款新品齐上阵 iPhone 12系列究竟怎么选?******

  2020年10月14日凌晨1点,苹果正式推出了全新的iPhone 12系列手机,虽然今年的发布会比往年要晚一些,但是热度却丝毫没有降低。在此次发布会上,苹果共推出了四款新品,iPhone 12 mini、iPhone 12、iPhone 12 Pro和iPhone 12 Pro Max,起售价格分别是5499元、6299元、8499元以及9299元,那么我们究竟该如何选择呢?


  此次发布的iPhone 12系列手机均搭载A14仿生芯片,采用5nm工艺制程,晶体管数量增加了40%,达到118亿个。A14芯片的CPU为6核心设计,GPU部分为4核心设计,还采用新一代16核神经网络引擎,每秒可以实现11万亿次的运算,因此在性能方面的表现是非常出色的。

  这四款新品中,iPhone 12 mini最为小巧,虽然尺寸小,但是却具备了iPhone 12的诸多体验优势。而iPhone 12则是一款非常均衡的手机,各方面的表现都很不错。iPhone 12 Pro及iPhone 12 Pro Max的性能最为出色,其中iPhone 12 Pro Max的屏幕更大、续航时间更长。

  iPhone 12 mini——全球最小最轻薄的5G手机

  iPhone 12 mini拥有5.4英寸的OLED屏幕,机身重量只有133g,是目前最小最轻薄的5G手机,与iPhone SE二代相比尺寸更小但屏幕更大,除了只支持单SIM卡外,其他所有功能都与iPhone 12相同,同时它的续航也能维持10小时的流媒体视频播放,保证了手机的续航能力。

  在大屏普及的当下,小屏旗舰犹如凤毛麟角,因此热衷于小屏手机的用户选择iPhone 12 mini更为合适。同时,iPhone 12 mini的价格在四款新品中也是最低的,也可以作为备用机使用。

  iPhone 12——表现均衡的主力机型

  对于大部分用户来说,或许iPhone 12 mini的屏幕有点小了,因此iPhone 12是一个不错的选择,这款手机拥有6.1英寸的屏幕尺寸,也更符合主流用户的使用习惯。

  iPhone 12不但屏幕变大,而且手机的续航时间也有所增加,即使作为主力机使用也能够保证足够的使用时间,同时iPhone 12支持双卡双待,因此实用性要比iPhone 12 mini更强。

  iPhone 12在价格方面要比iPhone 12 mini贵了800元,但是也带来了体验上的提升,6299元的起售价格,未来也会成为iPhone 12销售的主力机型。

  iPhone 12 Pro——性能小钢炮

  iPhone 12 Pro在机身尺寸上与iPhone 12保持一致,但是既然是一款带着Pro的机型,那么自然要更出色的一些,iPhone 12 Pro的优势在于质感更出色的机身、亮的屏幕以及更强的拍照能力。

  iPhone 12 Pro采用了不锈钢的边框,在质感上要比铝合金边框更好。如果说机身差异不太明显的话,那么屏幕带来的改变就会让你一眼察觉。iPhone 12 Pro的屏幕整体亮度达到了800nit,而iPhone 12的屏幕最高亮度为625nit,这意味着在日光下使用时,iPhone 12 Pro的显示效果要更为出色。

  在拍照方面,iPhone 12 Pro相比iPhone 12增加了一颗长焦镜头,并且支持Apple ProRAW格式的照片,这个格式可以有效的保留色彩信息,获得更好的成像效果。

  如果你喜欢用手机拍照,并且对于手机性能有更高的要求,那么不妨考虑一下iPhone 12 Pro。

  iPhone 12 Pro Max—高性能长续航的机皇

  iPhone 12 Pro Max配备了6.7英寸的OLED屏幕,在屏幕尺寸上是四款iPhone新品中最大的,对于喜欢大屏幕的用户来说,选择iPhone 12 Pro Max是更为合适的选择。

  iPhone 12 Pro Max与iPhone 12 Pro的差异不仅仅是屏幕,两者在拍照上也有所不同,iPhone 12 Pro Max拥有面积增大47%的感光元件和更大的像素,能够让手机拍照的亮度表现更好。此外,iPhone 12 Pro Max配备了65mm长焦镜头,在人像拍摄方面也更有优势。

  在拥有大屏的同时,iPhone 12 Pro Max也具备了最长的续航能力,是一款高性能长续航的旗舰机皇。


  本次iPhone 12系列的发布不但机型数量多,而且价格从5499元到9299元,覆盖范围也非常的广,满足不同用户的需求。iPhone 12和iPhone 12 Pro将会在10月16日晚8点开始预购,而iPhone 12 mini和iPhone 12 Pro Max的发售日期要更晚一些,在11月6日开始预购。

  今年iPhone 12的发布时间要比往年晚一些,上市时间距离双十一也非常近了,所以对于想要购买iPhone 12的用户来说,其实可考虑双十一期间购买iPhone 12,不但备货会更多,而且价格方面或许也会有一定的优惠。

  以2019年为例,拼多多推出“百亿补贴”战略后,在双11期间卖出40万台iPhone 11,“百亿补贴”入口日活用户突破1亿,足以看出双十一已经成为诸多果粉购机的最佳时机,今年iPhone 12,你对优惠幅度有什么期待呢?

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US teen Kyle Rittenhouse cleared over protester deaths******


Kyle Rittenhouse (left) collapses to his chair and cries as he is found not guilty on all counts at the Kenosha County Courthouse on November 19, 2021, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Kyle Rittenhouse, the American teenager who shot dead two men during protests and riots against police brutality in Wisconsin last year, was acquitted of all charges on Friday after a high-profile and politically divisive trial.

A jury found Rittenhouse, 18, not guilty of reckless and intentional homicide and other charges stemming from the shootings that took place in August 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse, who claimed he acted in self-defense, sobbed and shook as the verdict was read, sank into his chair and embraced his lawyer before rushing out of the courtroom.

President Joe Biden warned against violence following the verdict in the closely watched trial and appealed for calm.

"While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken," Biden said in a statement. "I urge everyone to express their views peacefully, consistent with the rule of law."

There were scattered cheers and clapping from supporters of Rittenhouse outside the Kenosha courthouse after the verdict.

Several opponents marched around beating drums and chanting "Guilty, guilty, the whole system is guilty as hell."

Rittenhouse testified during the two-week trial that he shot dead two men and wounded another with his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle after being attacked.

Prosecutors dismissed the self-defense claim, saying it was the then 17-year-old Rittenhouse who "provoked" the events during a night of unrest in Kenosha.

National attention

Rittenhouse faced five charges – one count of intentional homicide, one count of reckless homicide, one count of attempted intentional homicide and two counts of recklessly endangering safety.

The most serious charge – intentional homicide – carried a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

The jury deliberated for a total of 26 hours over four days before delivering a unanimous verdict of not guilty on all counts.

The case drew national attention because it arose from the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that swept the country last year and featured a controversial mix of guns, racial tensions and vigilantism.

Civil unrest erupted in Kenosha, a city of 100,000 on the shores of Lake Michigan, in August 2020 after a white policeman shot a Black man, Jacob Blake, in the back several times during an arrest, leaving him paralyzed.

In right-wing and pro-gun circles, Rittenhouse, who claimed he went to Kenosha to protect businesses from looters and act as a medic, was hailed as a heroic figure.

Prosecutors said Rittenhouse – who lived in the neighboring state of Illinois – had come to Kenosha as a self-appointed "junior policeman" and "made a series of reckless decisions."

"Nobody deputized him," prosecutor Thomas Binger said.


A woman reacts, in anger, to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict outside the courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin on November 19, 2021.

'Miscarriage of justice'

Shannon Watts, founder of gun control group Moms Demand Action, was among those denouncing the not guilty finding.

"That a teenager could travel across state lines to a protest he had nothing to do with; shoot three people, killing two; and face no criminal consequences is a miscarriage of justice and an indictment of our criminal justice system," Watts said.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, said the verdict "sends a horrible message to this country." "To call this a miscarriage of justice is an understatement," he said.

The NAACP, the African-American civil rights group, said the verdict is a "travesty and fails to deliver justice on behalf of those who lost their lives."

"A system that legitimizes vigilante murder is deeply broken," tweeted Wisconsin Representative Gwen Moore, a Democrat.

'Remain peaceful'

Republican lawmakers welcomed the not guilty finding.

"Justice has been served," said Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. "I hope everyone can accept the verdict, remain peaceful, and let the community of Kenosha heal and rebuild."

Former president Donald Trump, in a statement released on the Twitter account of his chief spokeswoman Liz Harrington, said: "Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse for being found INNOCENT of all charges. It"s called being found NOT GUILTY – And by the way, if that's not self defense, nothing is!"

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has put 500 members of the state National Guard on standby in the event of trouble.

In his statement, Biden said he had spoken to Evers and offered assistance if needed to ensure public safety.

Brianna Nelson, 37, a member of an advocacy group that works to deescalate tense situations, told AFP outside the court she was disappointed but not surprised by the verdict.

"It's a time for unity in the community," Nelson said. "It's an educational moment for both sides. We don't have to agree but we have to live together peacefully."

Speaking to reporters after the verdict, Rittenhouse's attorney, Mark Richards, said he believes his client is remorseful.

"He is in counseling for PTSD," Richards said. "He doesn't sleep at night.

"I personally don't like people carrying AR-15s around," Richards added, but "he was legal in having that firearm."

Haaland is no option to replace Lewandowski, says Rummenigge******

By Oliver Trust。

BERLIN, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- Robert Lewandowski's most spectacular goal might have been overlooked by a majority of the public.。

No TV camera covered the Pole's stunning shot fired off on the training pitch hitting an unusual target such as the office window of Hasan Salihamidzic. Bayern sporting director had been warned in time and left his window open.。

Ahead of the Champions League group encounter against Benfica this Tuesday evening, the Bavarian spearhead took the opportunity and kicked the ball inside.。

The former striker Salihamidzic turned into a goalkeeper catching the ball before it damaged his beloved coffee machine.。

The 33-year-old's spectacular goal might have remembered the manager of the importance of the Pole for the 2020 treble winner: That it might be time to talk about an extension of his in 2023 expiring contract ahead of his 100th Champions League game for Bayern.。

Not only has former chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge demanded to speed up considering rumors the attacker might head for new shores for the final years of his career, but media reports also talk of the interest of Manchester City and Paris St. Germain.。

"I guess Bayern is aware of the value he has for Bayern," Rummenigge said calling the Pole "the benchmark of strikers." The 66-year-old former striker recommended offering a new contract and ending discussions to possibly join the overheated race for Dortmund striker Erling Haaland.。

"There is no one better than him. Not even Cristiano Ronaldo," Rummenigge said. The former German international said Lewandowski can continue for some more years on the highest level.。

The former official's conclusion: Bayern can't afford Haaland. And the club shouldn't change its one-striker system. Lewandowski and Haaland is no sense making this option in his opinion.。

Rummenigge is convinced Bayern should skip his principle to only offer one-year contracts for over 30-year-old and provide two years in this case.。

Media reports lately spoke of Lewandowski being annoyed by rumors speaking of Bayern thinking about a Haaland transfer.。

Statistics speak of the striker having delivered at least one goal in each of his games for Bayern since he joined the club in 2014.。

When crushing Union Berlin in the league 5-2 last weekend, the Pole scored his goals eleven and twelve after ten rounds of matches.。

It seems common sense: Without his goals, Bayern can hardly realize its goal to win this season's Champions League campaign. The Pole has scored 78.。

Julian Nagelsmann said his striker deserves this season's Ballon d'Or award. "He has been unbelievably consistent over the past years; like no one else," Bayern's coach said.。

However, his future plans might look like, Lewandowski seems fully focused on his current club.。

He admitted, he doesn't like to speak about his job. "I rather think about training and finding new ways of how to score goals and win games. I am a very grounded person." Enditem。




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