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Japan to further ease COVID******

Japan will further relax its COVID-19 border controls from March 14, increasing the daily cap on overseas entrants to 7,000 from the current 5,000, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Thursday.

Kishida revealed a new scheme at a press conference to give entry priority to foreign students, as business travel demand is not high.

The decision was made as phased easing of the entry restrictions have been the target of criticism at home and abroad for being too strict, and the demand for Japan to allow more entries was high, especially from foreign students ahead of the April start of the Asian country's school year.

"We will help students come to Japan by giving them (use of) vacant seats, especially on weekdays when there are not many business travelers," Kishida said, calling such students a "treasure" for the country.

"Many foreign students are worried if they can enter Japan before school starts in April," he said.

About 150,000 foreign students are said to be still waiting for entry into Japan due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions that have been imposed in the past two years.

In late November last year, Japan effectively enforced an entry ban on non-resident foreign nationals when the world grappled with the spread of the highly transmissible Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Currently, up to 5,000 people including Japanese nationals overseas are allowed to enter Japan daily following an increase from the previous cap of 3,500 that took effect on Tuesday. The entry of foreign tourists is still not allowed.

西安城南今早出现平流雾景观 建筑物被大雾笼罩似入“仙境”******










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Russian central bank hikes key interest rate******

A woman walks past a board showing currency exchange rates of the US dollar and the euro against Russian ruble in Moscow.

Russia's central bank more than doubled its key policy rate yesterday and unveiled some capital controls as it scrambled to shield the economy from unprecedented Western sanctions that sent the rouble tumbling to record lows.

The main interest rate will rise to 20 percent, its highest this century, from 9.5 percent to counter the risks of the rouble's rapid depreciation and higher inflation, which threaten Russians' savings.

"External conditions for the Russian economy have drastically changed," the central bank said, adding that the hike "will ensure a rise in deposit rates to levels needed to compensate for the increased depreciation and inflation risk.

The monetary authority also ordered companies to sell 80 percent of their foreign currency revenues, increased the range of securities that can be used as collateral to get loans and temporarily banned Russian brokers from selling securities held by foreigners. It did not specify which securities the ban applies to.

The emergency measures put the central bank on the frontline of defending Russia against a campaign by Western allies to isolate it economically.

The central bank has itself been targeted, with the West seeking to restrict its ability to deploy US$640 billion of forex and gold reserves and cut Russia's major banks off the SWIFT financial network, making it hard for lenders and companies to make and receive payments.

The rouble plunged nearly 30 percent to an all-time low versus the US dollar yesterday. The stock market and derivatives market remained closed.

Yesterday's steps by the central bank bolster other measures announced on Sunday, including an assurance that the bank would resume buying gold on the domestic market. It will also launch a repurchase auction with no limits and ease restrictions on banks' open foreign currency positions.

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the government was ready to strengthen commercial banks' capital base if required.

Russians queued outside ATMs on Sunday, worried the sanctions could trigger cash shortages and disrupt normal life.










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